101 Ways to Use the Festival!

September 11, 2014

By Wyndee Holbrook

CBTS 101 Ways to Use the Festival!Our hats are off to our National Partner, Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Kansas.  They have created the first Festival of Young Preachers Challenge!

Their site reads, “To cultivate God’s call, Central would like to send one college student to the National Festival of Young Preachers completely scholarshipped. The scholarship will pay for the student’s flight, hotel, and all meals. The student will also be given the opportunity to work with Central create director Tyler Tankersley as the Preaching Mentor.”

Now this is a real call to action, both to aspiring college age preachers, and to other schools.  Central has repeatedly sent their students to preach at Festivals of Young Preachers so they know the benefits; in fact, Tyler Tankersley is an AoP ’11, which means he preached at the 2011 National Festival of Young Preachers in Louisville, in January of 2011; he is coming to Dallas as mentor for a group of young preachers!

Now CBTS has creatively taken the next step by challenging college students.  Only one sermon submission will win the CBTS package, but know registration is open to all for the National Festival of Young Preachers.

Let us extend the Challenge to Seminaries nationwide.  Follow in Central’s footsteps and bring a college age preacher to Dallas!

Need a another option?  Extend the challenge for a Regional Festival in Boston October 17-18, or Nashville October 24-25


Keeping Up With Young Preachers

September 6, 2014

By Dwight Moody

We like to keep up with our Young Preachers…….but it is not easy!  When something big and important happens to you, let us know.  Like ordination, graduation, marriage, employment, award, relocation, appointment, even the birth of a baby!

Here are a few of the notices we do know about. Hope you enjoy.

Winterbourne Jones, AoP’10 has begun his PhD studies at the Lilly School of Philanthropy at Indiana University in Indianapolis…Bianca Robinson, AoP Volunteer and Joseph Howard AoP ’11 were married in Marrietta, Georgia….T J Pancake, AoP’11 graduated from Cedarville University and is a church planter in Dayton, Ohio….J C Campbell, AoP’10 is launching the Trinity Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky….Kathryn McNeal, AoP’11, is a student at Yale Divinity School and serves as Youth and Family Ministries Coordinator at St. James Lutheran Church, New Haven, CT.

Shane Duvall, AoP’14 was ordained as a deacon in the Roman Catholic Church….Brandon Perkins, AoP’10 spent the summer as a preacher and minister in Ghana and returns to Atlanta to begin his final year at Columbia Seminary….Church of the Resurrection in Kansas City hired Tyler Best, AoP’12 as part time director of their UMC National Festival of Young Preachers….Rachel Brocker, AoP’12 married Andrew Langford in Chicago.

Larry Terrell Crudup, AoP’10 finished his MDiv at Perkins School of Theology and began his PhD in Ethical and Creative Leadership at Union Institute and University….Katie Mussat, AoP’14 received the Robert Jackson Robinson Preaching Award at Truett Theological Seminary where she completed her MDiv and now serves as Minister to Students at First Baptist Church Shreveport, LA….After graduating with her MDiv from Truett, Erica Evans Whitaker, AoP’14 graduated from Truett Seminary, received the Addie Davis Award for Outstanding Leadership in Pastoral Ministry (CBF), and currently serves as a Pastoral Resident at Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas, TX….Reggie Sharpe, AoP’10 transferred to Vanderbilt School of Divinity and has established R.E.A.L Sharpe Ministries….Joshua Barrett, AoP’13 graduated from Truett Seminary, married Laura Wesevich, and serves as Pastoral Associate at Tallowood Baptist Church in Houston.

Dominique Robinson, AoP’11 is working on a DMin in Homiletics at Columbia Theological Seminary and serves Youth Ministry Coordinator at New Life Presbyterian Church in Atlanta….Jenny Marble, AoP’13 serves as Associate Pastor at Friendly St. Church of God, Eugene Oregon. …Jaime Fitzgerald, AoP’13 began her MDiv at Gardner Webb University School of Divinity….Charmaine Webster, AoP’11 completed her MDiv at Candler and now works with the University of Dayton to advance early childhood education in the community.

Write/text/call me or Wyndee with your news!

See you in Dallas!      

AoP Networking Pays Off

August 28, 2014

By Wyndee Holbrook

 AoP Networking Pays Off
De’Angelo Smith sent me the nicest text last week. It was a picture of his brand new Abilene Christian University student ID card. A year ago neither De’Angelo nor ACU knew anything about the Academy of Preachers, or each other for that matter. But now, thanks to ACU Graduate School of Theology’s Dean, Tim Sensing eagerly running with the idea once learned about the AoP…

1) Abilene Christian University Graduate School of Theology is an AoP National Partner.
2) In March, ACU hosted the 2014 Texas Regional Festival of Young Preachers.
3) The Potter’s House in Dallas (yes, THAT Potter’s House) sponsored their student intern De’Angelo Smith to preach at the Fest.
4) De’Angelo made his first trip to Abilene and was exposed to a great school that welcomed him with open arms.
5) De’Angelo is now proudly enrolled as a graduate student.

See what can happen when YOU are part of AoP’s network!

AoP Chapters….Now Forming

August 27, 2014

By Dwight Moody

MOody head shot 2014 150x150 AoP Chapters....Now Forming For six years, the Academy of Preachers has been hosting events: preaching camps and festivals for young preachers. Our premiere event is the National Festival of Young Preachers. The next one is January 2-5, 2015 in Dallas, Texas and there’s lots of information about it on this web site. Registration is now open.

But there is a new game in town: AoP Chapters.

This current academic year, nine chapters will form: two in Texas and two in Indiana, one in Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia……and Kentucky.

We are launching the Louisville Metro Chapter of the Academy of Preachers.

You can be a member: Young Preacher, Mentor, Donor, Pastor, Professor, Old Preacher. Yes, you can be a member of this chapter.

We are holding two information and discussion sessions for interested people:

Tuesday evening, September 16, at Galilee Baptist Church, at 7 pm.
Pastor Eric Johnson will host.

Wednesday noon, September 17, at Middletown Christian Church, at 12 noon.
Pastor David Emery will host.

We will discuss membership, sponsorship, and the Louisville Regional Festival of Young Preachers scheduled for next spring. The mission of an AoP chapter is the same as the Academy of Preachers: to identify, network, support, and inspire young people in their call to gospel preaching.

You are invited. Anyone is invited. We will be contacting those in the regional who have preached at our festivals or who have expressed interest in our mission and programs. Help us take this next step toward the renaissance of gospel preaching in our generation.

Baptist. Orthodox. Catholic.

August 22, 2014

By Dwight Moody

MOody head shot 2014 150x150 Baptist. Orthodox. Catholic.Lucas called me from Louisville several years ago.

“I need to find a new school,” he said. “Can I come to Georgetown and speak to you?”

He came; then enrolled; and before he graduated he took a tutorial with me on the theological tradition of the Christian faith. I gave me a list of books, from Tertullian to Tillich, and he read them all and wrote papers and we talked.

Two years later, he converted to Orthodoxy.  “Where did this come from?” I ask.

“Remember that book you gave me to read? When I read it I discovered my self.”  The book was The Orthodox Faith by John of Damascus, an eight century theologian. I was amazed.

Lucas attended seminary at St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in New York and while there came to Louisville to preach in our inaugural National Festival of Young Preachers.  That was 2010.

Now he is pastor of St. Thomas Orthodox Church in Sioux City, Iowa, and last January he came to preach one of the plenary sermons at the 2014 National Festival of Young Preachers in Indianapolis.  You can watch that sermon on our YouTube channel. The venue is Christ Church Cathedral, affiliated with the Episcopal Church.

One person who heard Lucas preach is Dominic McManus, newly appointed professor of Liturgics and Homiletics at Aquinas Institute in St. Louis. Their dean is Gregory Heille, a long-time friend of the Academy of Preachers.  Both Dominic and Gregory are members of the Dominicans, the Order of Preachers, O.P.

Lucas, the Baptist-turned-Orthodox preacher from Sioux City, became friends with Dominic, the Dominican Catholic preacher, who happens to be from Iowa. Earlier this summer, Lucas invited Dominic to his congregation, St. Thomas, to speak, teach, and preach. “I would never have had that opportunity,” Dominic said to me, “if it had not been for the Festival of Young Preachers.”

Dominic then extended an invitation to me: to attend the International Colloquium on Dominican Preaching in October of 2016.  “The lead presenter,” he said, “will be the bishop of Mosul in Iraq.  He will be speaking on ‘Preaching to a Persecuted People.’ This is an invitation-only event, but I am authorized to extend this invitation to you. Your participation will make it a more ecumenical event.”

The Colloquium is one of four such Colloquia being planned throughout the world to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the founding of the Dominicans.

I am thrilled to accept his invitation. But mostly I am amazed by the web of ecumenical relationships that have developed out of the Academy of Preachers.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.


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