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The Academy of Preachers seeks businesses, congregations, denominations, institutions, and organizations that will formally and officially enter into partnership to endorse and support our mission of identifying, networking, supporting, and inspiring young people who are called to preach.  Partnership status with the Academy is free (although several partners have made contributions to the work of the Academy) and is secured by writing a letter of endorsement and support to the president of the Academy.

There are two categories of partners: Founding Partners and National Partners.

Founding Partners are those entities that entered into partnership with the Academy during the first 15 months of our work. At that time, we were an unknown organization needing the recognition and encouragement of existing institutions. We sought, and secured, a total of 50 partners who would endorse our mission and seek ways to collaborate with the Academy in the wonderful mission of supporting young preachers. Many of these Founding Partners are located in the geographic region targeted in our initial strategy (that is, 150 mile radius around Louisville, Kentucky).

Click here for a complete list of the 50 Founding Partners.

National Partners are those who are now responding to our appeal for collaboration in the work of identifying, networking, supporting, and inspiring young people in their call to gospel preaching. We are now reaching out to businesses, congregations, denominations, institutions, and organizations throughout the country. Our goal is to secure 100 National Partners.

Click here to review an up-to-date list of the National Partners.

To become a National Partner with the Academy of Preachers requires only a shared interest in our mission and a letter endorsing our mission and pledging to collaborate with us. There is no cost, but you may elect to express your partnership by making contributions to the work of the Academy. Such gifts are needed and welcome.

Write your letter of partnership to Dr. Dwight A Moody, Academy of Preachers, 500 North Watterson Trail, Louisville, Kentucky 40243


There are many things that an organization or institution might do as a National Partner with the Academy and your imagination might be the only limit of what might be done. But here are some suggestions: ten simple ways that a congregation, school, or religious organization might do to signal its collaboration with the Academy.

  • Establish a scholarship: we encourage schools (colleges, universities and seminaries) to create a scholarship targeting exclusively or primarily members of the Academy.
  • Write a statement of endorsement: we ask an appropriate official of the organization or institution to use official letterhead to write the letter of endorsement which the Academy can use in promotional materials.
  • Host an Academy event: we welcome organizations and institutions to collaborate with the Academy to host meetings, camps, festivals, etc on your campus.
  • Contribute to the Academy: we invite any organization or institution to give, directly or by encouraging a donor, to either the annual ministry budget of the Academy or the Endowment of the Academy.
  • Authorize staff or faculty to serve in Academy positions: we encourage organizational and institutional authorities to nominate and authorize faculty and/or staff to serve as Consultants, Advisors, Coaches or Directors for the Academy.
  • Exhibit at an Academy event: we urge organizations and institutions who wish to recruit young people as preachers or students to exhibit at Academy events, especially the Festival of Young Preachers.
  • Encourage students to participate in Academy events: we suggest that organizations and institutions advertise this opportunity for their students in official publications, such as catalogs, web sites, magazines, and syllabi.
  • Advertise in or on Academy publications: we suggest that organizations and institutions advertise in the publications of the Academy, such as web site, event programs, office space, and such.
  • Recruit Young Preachers for the Academy: we suggest that congregations and campus and other religious entities look to the Academy for the kind of outstanding, articulate, and committed young people need for staff positions.
  • Promote the Academy: use your institutional media (newsletters, web sites, broadcast ministries) to publicize the emergence of this unique opportunity for young people.
  • Offer specialized services to the Academy: this can be such services as fund-raising, publishing, marketing, event planning, recording or duplicating, transporting, food preparing or service, etc.

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