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Experience the Gospel Slam!

Kate Bringardner hosted the Gospel Slam at the 2018 National Festival of Young Preachers. Amongst all the performers that night, one stood out to her. “There was a young woman who approached us as we were setting up and she had intended to sing an original song that she had written but she was feeling unsure of herself.”

Kate took the opportunity to help her.

“I work as a public speaking and performance coach, so I talked to her for a few minutes and told her to go up on stage right then and give it a try. She did, and she was great! I encouraged her to perform during the Gospel Slam. She did, and she ended up winning audience favorite for the evening.”

Kate noticed how the audience, made up of fellow Young Preachers and Mentors, welcomed and affirmed her.

“The audience was very receptive and encouraging, and I think that demonstrates the opportunity this gives to the Young Preachers to take a chance by trying something new.”

The Gospel Slam is an event during the National Festival of Young Preachers that seeks to join talented young people, ages 14-35, together in proclaiming the Gospel through unique expression – spoken word, dramatic interpretation, musical expressions, or other creative response. Each performer is invited to share a three-minute original performance that incorporates the 2019 National Festival theme, Gospel and the World.

Click here to register now for the 2019 National Festival of Young Preachers! The deadline to register is December 7th!

This will be the second year that Kate hosts the Gospel Slam, and she gets excited thinking about Young Preachers trying something new.

“It is a unique opportunity to let the young preachers and mentors and whoever wants to participate showcase their talents in a different way. The atmosphere and environment is something we’ve tried hard to cultivate into a relaxed, fun place so that it feels different from the preaching and plenary sessions. It’s a place for the participants and audience to have some fun and show a different side of themselves and experiment a little bit and do something that maybe they haven’t done before. That’s exciting to me.”

She says the Gospel Slam brings out something that seems to be missing in the lives of some preachers: fun.

“I think for some Young Preachers, especially those who may preach more regularly, it gives them an opportunity to try something different, express themselves in a different way, and to have fun and play. Play and imagination are important and often overlooked tools of ministers. This is an opportunity to play, use your imagination, and approach the gospel and gospel speaking in a different way.”

So if you are attending the National Festival of Young Preachers, plan on preparing something to perform at the Gospel Slam. Kate will be waiting to cheer you on.

“We encourage you to hop up on stage, take a chance, and see what moves you and speaks to you, and let yourself be surprised.”


About Kate…

Almost a decade ago, Kate began coaching in the areas of Voice, Breath and Body, as applied to Leadership and Confidence. It lead to the development of Your Speaker ROI, Lab 360(TM) and Improv : Leadership, as well as establishing The Speaker’s Studio.

Kate attained her Masters of Fine Arts from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. Upon graduation she returned to Louisville and began looking for a way to put her 20 years of training and experience in stage and film to good use. She  Since taking her first client, word of Kate’s work has spread quickly. Her work with clients has taken her to Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Minnesota and beyond. It has included companies such as Amazon, Honda Engage, Brown-Forman, Texas Roadhouse, Northwestern Mutual, Actor’s Theatre of Louisville and Woodford Reserve.

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