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Festival Preview: The Great Amen

You will experience more at the 2019 Festival of Young Preachers than just delivering your sermon.

If you look at the Festival schedule, you will see games on Wednesday, the Gospel Slam on Thursday, and the Preachapalooza dinner on Friday. And then on Saturday, the Great Amen closes out the Festival. 

If you have not attended a National Festival of Young Preachers, you may have questions about the Great Amen. Here is Academy of Preachers founder Dwight Moody explaining the event and its significance in the Festival.

“The Great Amen is the explanation point at the conclusion of 72 hours of anticipation, opportunity, performance, coaching, conversation, prayer, and inspiration.

It is the moment with the new AoP class of 2019 gathers before the Festival assembly and, with everyone present and accounted for, speaks the memorable words of the Covenant of Gospel Preaching. 

It is the induction ceremony into the Academy of Preachers.

Yes, there are other things that happen at the service we call The Great Amen: inspirational music, a memorable sermon, this year by Amy Butler, senior pastor of the Riverside Church in New York City, and yes, invitations from folk in Nashville, Tennessee, to attend the 2020 National Festival of Young Preachers in Music City USA. (I think for one half week in January, we will make it Sermon City USA!) 

The Festival will have different preachers, different musicians, different master teachers, but it will have this concluding event: The Great Amen, a phrase taken from the Roman Catholic lexicon, suggested by Patty Hughes in preparation for the 2012 National Festival at the Cathedral of the Assumption in Louisville, and this purpose: inspiring young preachers from all over the country to embrace the call of gospel preaching and to return to your school, your church, your family, your ministry with a fresh energy to preach the unsearchable riches of Jesus Christ our Lord. 

The Great Amen. I don’t want to miss it and neither will you.”