Academy of Preachers, Festivals, and Moving Forward

In late 2019, the Academy of Preachers moved to Belmont University to begin a new chapter. No one could have foreseen our two years of COVID related pandemic experiences and the ways those experiences have transformed almost every element of life. It has been especially challenging to hold large group activities like our festivals.

We held an online festival in the fall of 2020 which went very well with nearly forty young preachers and we held a masked, in-person festival in the fall 2021 at Morehouse College with a little more than twenty young preachers. We hoped to hold an in-person event at Belmont this spring, but, sadly, needed to postpone the event due to low registrations. A little more than a week out we did not have sufficient registrations to hold the event. 

We believe inspiring young people in their call of gospel preaching is a good and holy thing. We are committed to continuing to hold festivals, to provide resources, and to encourage young preachers. We believe we will be holding festivals in the future and reestablishing the Academy of Preachers as a place for young preachers to discover their call to gospel preaching. We hope you will join us in the future.

We appreciate your support, your prayers, and your love for preaching as we move forward with the work of the Academy of Preachers!



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