Note: This event has been postponed as we have not had sufficient registration. We are looking forward to returning to in-person events over the next year and we hope you will look forward to participating. Return here often for encouraging words about preaching and to learn about future events.

Preaching Camp

The Academy of Preachers announces a wonderful opportunity to learn new preaching skills and polish your current skills. During the week of July 26-31 the Academy of Preachers will offer a preaching camp with both online and in person elements.  

A registration fee of $125 covers a week of instruction and support in sermon development, and meals and other costs for the on-campus events. Lodging is not included and must be secured individually. The registration fee will increase to $150 on July 15th. 

Camp Schedule Description: 

Camp participants will meet in virtual space from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. (CST) on Monday through Thursday. Each morning and afternoon will include bible studies on the camp theme and then online instructions on the elements of sermon development. 

You will select a sermon text from those provided on Monday morning and then work throughout the week to prepare your sermon, step-by-step guided by seasoned preachers. You will meet with your peers in preaching circles each day to discuss what you are learning and how you are making progress on your sermon. 

On Thursday afternoon, you will preach a rough draft of your sermon in your preaching circle in the Zoom environment. You will then receive feedback in a one-on-one meeting with a mentor. 

Friday afternoon, we will gather on Belmont University’s campus for in person activities. Friday afternoon will include worship and sermon workshops and Friday evening will include a dinner and preaching by AoP alumni. 

Saturday’s schedule will begin with worship and a panel discussion led by young preachers, followed by two rounds of preaching in late morning and early afternoon. 

Saturday afternoon’s schedule will be a series of sermons chosen by facilitators and mentors from among all sermons preached as prophetic and powerful. 

If you are unable to attend in person, we will have virtual portals for Friday and Saturday’s events. 

Would you join us for this exciting opportunity to learn about preaching and to grow in our craft?

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