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This episode of the AoP Podcast features Romal Tune (author, speaker, preacher, VP of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation at TMS Global, and Master Class leader at the upcoming 2019 National Festival of Young Preachers) for a wide-ranging conversation that is informing, inspiring, serious, and funny.

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The discussion includes:

  • What Romal will cover in his 2019 Master Class – It involves your story.
  • The great work of TMS Global – and how they can equip you to go beyond the 2 weeks mission trips and experience the real missionary life.
  • Romal’s speaking background and his two books (Check out his recent book, Love Is An Inside Job)
  • How a 6-word sentence can define your life.
  • Preaching with hurt and healing in mind, and wounds vs scars.
  • Making sure your gospel sounds like good news.
  • Pastoral Depression and Suicide, and what to look for when you feel stuck in the pain.
  • Preaching and mental health stigmas.
  • Baby-Food Communication.
  • And more…

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About Romal Tune

Romal uses purpose and passion to equip people to heal the wounds of their past. He bravely offers up his own journey as a case study of raw transparency and refreshing honesty. As a full-time speaker and author, Romal guides audiences through the process of identifying and embracing their unique destiny. Committed to living the six-word mission statement that defines his life — “I help hurting people find healing” — Romal’s platform and cross-sector relationships have positioned him as a global leader who guides individuals, organizations and institutions to recover from setbacks and achieve success by honoring the particularity of their unique stories. With an infectious style that has impressed thousands both nationally and international audiences, Romal moves people to action! Through compassion, and systemic change, he creates an environment that impacts the effectiveness of individuals, leaders, executives, and their teams.

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