The Rev. Ernest A. Brooks III, President and CEO of Academy of Preachers (AoP), is pleased to announce that MMBB Financial Services, a non-profit Christian financial services ministry serving churches and faith-based organizations, will serve as a Presenting Sponsor for the tenth-anniversary National Festival of Young Preachers in Atlanta, Georgia, January 2-5, 2019. MMBB’s gift is the most significant corporate sponsorship in the 10-year history of the National Festival of Young Preachers, the Academy of Preachers’ signature annual event.

For nearly a decade, the work of Academy of Preachers has been primarily supported through grants from philanthropic foundations such as the Lilly Endowment and the Cecil B. Day Foundation; generous gifts from individual donors and private family foundations; and event sponsorship fees from institutional partners. Building on the success of the past decade, the Academy of Preachers welcomes strategic investments from a wide variety of sources to help underwrite the production of high-quality and high-impact events and programs for young people preparing for careers in Christian ministry, the organization’s primary constituency.

The Academy is delighted to have this constituency in common with MMBB. MMBB’s goal is to assist those who serve God to pastor and preach without major concerns regarding their finances. “This is our call and we have been blessed to enroll many young pastors in our benefit plans,” Rev. Dr. William H. Foster, Jr., MMBB Senior Manager Marketing and Strategic Relationships stated. “They have found it has helped them to be effective and efficient in ministry because they have peace of mind concerning their financial wellness.”

MMBB has sponsored the National Festival of Young Preachers for the last four years. Through this partnership, MMBB has been able to build a strong brand with Young Preachers who participate in the event. In addition, the financial service organization has hosted Master Classes to raise awareness about important goals to set as one contemplates their financial journey, particularly the value of starting early to save for retirement so you can retire with dignity and a secure future. MMBB views the National Festival of Young Preachers as an opportunity to raise issues that should be considered regarding personal finances for pastoral leaders and preachers.

“At MMBB, financial wellness is a ministry that transforms lives by helping people to re-envision what is financially possible,” said Louis P. Barbarin, MMBB CEO. “We know that financial wellness is a lifestyle that can be intentionally cultivated at every point during the life journey, no matter what your financial circumstances are. As a sponsor of the Academy of Preachers, we value the opportunity to help young pastors and preachers lay the foundation for financial stability and wellness.”

“The Academy of Preachers is grateful for the financial services ministry and financial literacy work of MMBB,” remarked Rev. Brooks. “We are thrilled that our continued partnership will ensure that young preachers and ministers begin their careers understanding the necessity of sound financial planning for themselves, their ministries and their families.”

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