AoP From Every Angle

By Ernest Brooks, AoP’11 Depending on whom you ask and what day it is, I’m either a preacher in love with the academy or an academic who can’t resist the magnetic pull of the pulpit. In either case, I am convinced that I was destined to become a part of The Academy of Preachers, even…Continue Reading AoP From Every Angle

Trailblazer for The Gospel

Name: Winterbourne LaPucelle Harrison-Jones, AoP’10 Title: Youth Pastor Emeritus, Mount Olivet Baptist Church of Rochester, NY Position: Graduate Fellow, The Lily Family School of Philanthropy at IUPUI Christian Tradition or Denomination: American Baptist, National Baptist   I am proud to say that I have had the honor of being a part of the AoP family…Continue Reading Trailblazer for The Gospel

And The Snow Fell

Deena Kuhl Donor Director of Resident Care, Renaissance Senior Communities Event Planner, 2010 National Festival of Young Preachers, Assisted 2011 and 2012 Baptist/Christian Southeast Christian Church The First Festival of Preachers began on a dreary and dismal day. Through months of preparation, we tried to anticipate all the needs of those attending. We focused on…Continue Reading And The Snow Fell

Out of My Comfort Zone

Andrew Boyd, AoP’13 Director of Youth, Young Adult, and Campus Ministry for the Orthodox Church in America National Festival of Young Preachers: 2013, 2014 and 2015 Christian Tradition: Eastern Orthodox Orthodox Church in America I’m Eastern Orthodox. I’m Eastern Orthodox and I’m about to engage in several broad generalizations about my own Church. We pretty…Continue Reading Out of My Comfort Zone

Thanks Dallas…for a great festival

  The best stories are the ones that find you…  Dr. Joel Gregory must have been divinely inspired to preach those words early in the 2015 National Festival of Young Preachers.  All 300 in attendance found ourselves in a dynamic unfolding of God’s good news.  Good news that young people (2 preachers were 13) and…Continue Reading Thanks Dallas…for a great festival

Nine Marks of a Good Sermon

Dwight A. Moody, President, Academy of Preachers Christian people deserve to hear good sermons when we go to worship (or when we download something from the internet). We don’t need great sermons, except once in a long while. We hear too many poor or mediocre sermons and this discourages many people. The church of Jesus…Continue Reading Nine Marks of a Good Sermon

To Thine Own Self Be True: Preaching with Authenticity

T Stewart preaching

One of Shakespeare’s most famous quotes comes from the character Polonius in Hamlet.  He says “This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.” While I have never been a huge fan of this tragedy, I can say that these words constantly ring in my head every time I stand to preach the gospel of Christ.
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More than 1300

Jenny-Marble-ThumbnailThere are fifty-two, sometimes fifty-three Sundays in a given calendar year. When I multiply the twenty-five years I have been alive by the approximately fifty-two sermons I listen to yearly, and adding any other conferences, camp meetings, sermons I view online, the result is more than 1300.

Since the age of ten I have collected sermon notes of every sermon I have listened to partially because I am a nerd and I know it helps me retain the material, but more importantly I knew from a young age that I would be preaching some day and I wanted to remember how others preached. Sure, I have hundreds and hundreds of church bulletins and programs with notes I could reference to recall my memory, but when I think about it, I can only remember three or four sermons.

It is not that I can recall the sermons in their entirety; I remember how they were presented, and how they impacted the preacher.
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Aristotle, Beanie Babies, and Millennials

I have never been accused of being a faddish or trendy person. When I was in elementary school, my entire family made the mistake of jumping on the Beanie Baby bandwagon (I was convinced we’d be worth millions!). My bedroom shelves were crammed full of the things, and we ate about a billion McDonald’s kids meals to get the special promotion Teenie Beanie Babies (smaller=cuter, right?). Suffice it to say that I’ve learned about every lesson there is to learn about fads from my experiences with those little ear-tagged critters.

There is a connection, I think, between my family’s experiences with the marketing geniuses over at Ty, Inc. and the desire many preachers feel to “reach a new generation.” The connection is that both events are fads. In the 90s, Beanie Babies were all the rage. They flooded the market and spawned a host of imitations, but they ultimately left collectors with basements full of mostly worthless stuffed animals (the “super rare” Princess Diana tribute bear can now be had on eBay for a mere $30.00). In the same way, faddish preaching that only desires to “reach a new generation” is ultimately going to leave preachers with far too many social media accounts and a shelf full of dated books on “reaching generation [letter of your choice].”…Continue Reading Aristotle, Beanie Babies, and Millennials

Inspiring Young Preachers will change the future

Tyler BestIt is hard to believe that just over a week has passed since the inaugural Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church (INUMC) Festival of Young Preachers.  The lingering impact causes me to reflect on the experience and imagine the possibilities for the future. 

Hearing eighteen young preachers, ages 14 – 26, from all over Indiana passionately preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ leads to long term inspiration.  You will have the opportunity to view these young preachers in action on YouTube in the next few days.  More than ever, this Festival has given me new hope in two very key areas.

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