Nine Marks of a Good Sermon

What makes a good sermon? This is a question that bugs preachers from their first sermon to their last. Nobody has all the answers for being a perfect preacher, but AoP Founder Dr. Dwight Moody has a few helpful suggestions based on his years in the pulpit and teaching future preachers. They are not absolute…Continue Reading Nine Marks of a Good Sermon

2018 Festival Wrap Up

The 2018 National Festival of Young Preachers was a great success! Approximately 110 Young Preachers attended the Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, which will also host the 2019 National Festival.  All Young Preachers delivered a sermon from the Psalms, using the Festival theme “Worship the Lord.” All the sermons can be seen on our YouTube channel…Continue Reading 2018 Festival Wrap Up

Preaching! What a Quaint Idea!

Preaching: What a Quaint Idea! Dwight A. Moody, President, Academy of Preachers PREACHAPALOOZA Sermon, January 4, 2016 We launch this series of public addresses on the theme, SOCIAL SIGNIFICANCE OF PREACHING. Like an underground river it runs unseen beneath all that has blossomed these last seven years. It came to my attention while teaching and…Continue Reading Preaching! What a Quaint Idea!

Social Significance of Preaching

Randy Scroggins was the preacher last Sunday morning when 100 people gathered at the New Beginnings Church of God. Sitting on the front row was his daughter, Lacey, who had just survived the mass shooting at the Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. Sitting alongside Lacey was 18-year-old Mathew Downing, who also survived Thursday’s shootings. Pastor Scroggins…Continue Reading Social Significance of Preaching

Ministers are Number One!

Dwight A. Moody Seven years ago I started the Academy of Preachers because young ministerial students did not believe that the preaching/teaching/leading/praying/listening/organizing work of the Christian minister was a socially significant vocation. They wanted to change the world but were not convinced that preaching was an avenue for that ambition. Now comes an interesting and…Continue Reading Ministers are Number One!

Tuesday June 23 is AoP Day 2015

It all started seven years ago, June 23, 2008. I was unemployed, 58 years old, and a Baptist preacher. Those are not the cards you want to hold in your hand. “How are things at Georgetown College,” he asked; and I responded, “I am not there any more.” “What are you going to do?” “I don’t…Continue Reading Tuesday June 23 is AoP Day 2015

Preaching Festivals All Over the Country!

Dwight A. Moody Festivals for Young Preachers are springing up all over the country this summer, and they are hosted by national denominational gatherings. The first is the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. At their General Assembly in Dallas (June17-20), 16 Young Preachers are registered to preach on the year-long AoP theme, HEAVEN & EARTH. This tradition…Continue Reading Preaching Festivals All Over the Country!

A Roman Catholic Ordination

Dwight A. Moody I have been to many ordinations in my day, including my own back in 1977 at the First Baptist Church of Murray. I have participated in some, led some, and observed some. But none like the one I attended last Saturday, with my back up against the sanctuary wall on Fifth Street in Louisville,…Continue Reading A Roman Catholic Ordination

Methodists Lead the Way

Dwight A. Moody “Every regional and national denominational gathering,” I have said from the very first, “needs to have attached to it a festival for young preachers.” Why? because these denominational gatherings are too often a collection of grey headed men (mostly) with too few young faces; and many of these are long on reports…Continue Reading Methodists Lead the Way