AoP Day Draws Crowds in 10 Cities

“It was a memorable day for AoP,” said outgoing AoP President Dwight A. Moody. “I attended a lunch in St Louis, hosted by the Aquinas Institute, then traveled to Houston for a dinner at Church Without Walls. What a day!” More than 240 pre-registered for one of the ten events. Not all who signed-up showed…Continue Reading AoP Day Draws Crowds in 10 Cities

Inspiration & Celebration

“We are half way and more to our goal,” exclaimed AoP President Dwight A. Moody after opening a letter with a $15,000 gift. “Thanks be to God!” The Inspire ’17 goal is $90,000 given before the end of June. To date, $54,120 has been given or pledged. “During this critical time,” Moody said, “our chief needs…Continue Reading Inspiration & Celebration

Inspire ’17

The AoP Board of Trustees, in their January 2017 meeting, launched the Inspire ’17 Campaign, setting a goal of raising $90,000 over the first half of the year. “We have been so inspired by the preaching and growth of the Young Preachers since the inception of the Academy,” explained board chair Ernest Brooks, AoP ’11. “We…Continue Reading Inspire ’17

Tuesday June 23 is AoP Day 2015

It all started seven years ago, June 23, 2008. I was unemployed, 58 years old, and a Baptist preacher. Those are not the cards you want to hold in your hand. “How are things at Georgetown College,” he asked; and I responded, “I am not there any more.” “What are you going to do?” “I don’t…Continue Reading Tuesday June 23 is AoP Day 2015